Lowe & Family Holdings
 "Operating from a foundation of core values and a commitment
to excellence".

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Lowe Family Private Holdings
Lowe Family Holdings

                                            Lowe Group Holdings                   Lowe Strategic
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                     |                Lowe Industries
LFH Limited          
AvisLowe Holdings
Balmaseda Holdings
- Art Auctions, Antique Collections, Antique Auction, Yard Sales
Benit Shoes Holdings

DL Shopping Mall -




DL Holdings MA -

Ebony Nicolas Holdings -

Ebony Hair & Beauty

Ebony Hair Supplies

(LFH Limited owns 10% of Ebony Nicolas Holdings)

Lowe Cleaning Services -

Lowes Window Cleaning

Lowes Pressure Cleaning

Lowes Auto Detailing

 Lowes Window Cleaning

Unique Cleaning Services

 (LFHLimited owns 10% Ebony Nicolas Holdings owns 90%)

Lowe Publishing -

Lowes Advertising

Lowes Publications

Lowes Shopping Guide

Shoppers Guide

LFH Auctioning -

LFH Auctions

eBay Auctions

eBid Auctions

eCrater Auctions

Craigslist Auctions & Advertising

Ioffer Auctions

LFH News -

LFHLimited.com News

Playandsearch News

Playandsearch.net News

Lowe Family Domain Holdings -

Lowe Domains

LF Domain & DNS Directory

LR Heavy Metal Holdings  -
Robinson Industries

Profitable Capstone Holdings -

Make money online & internet financial solutions

Profitable Capstone  Internet Solutions

 D.L Make Money Online

Lowe Internet Solutions

Profitable Profit Holdings & Trust -

Capstone Payments

Payment Solutions

Sweet Treat Group - Sweet Treats  Sweet Treats North  Sweet Treats Sud  Sweet Treats West

Capstone Payments

Payment Solutions