Lowe & Family Holdings
 "Operating from a foundation of core values and a commitment
to excellence".

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A Davey Lowe Company

A subsidiary of Lowe private holdings

Lowe Stocks & Bonds Holdings

Lowe Crypto Currency Holdings

Companies include:


Lowe & Family Holdings Limited

Parenting Financial Advisory Firm



DL Holdings MA

Merger And Acquire Group

DLC Holdings

D.L web design group

Lowe Family Holdings Limited

AvisLowe Holdings

Balmaseda Holdings

 Art Auctions, 

 Antique Auctions, Antique Collections, Yard Sales, Coin Collections, Currency Collections

Benit Shoes Holdings

Shoes advertising/ Shoes collection/ Buy and sell

DL Shopping Mall



EN Holdings

EN Hair & Beauty

EN Hair Supplies

(LFH Limited owns 10% of EBN Holdings)

Lowe Cleaning Services

Lowes Window Cleaning

Lowes Pressure Cleaning

Lowes Auto Detailing

Lowe Publishing

 Lowe Advertising

Lowe Publications

Lowe Shopping Guide

Shoppers Guide

LFH Auctioning

LFH Auctions

eBay Auctions

eBid Auctions

eCrater Auctions

Craigslist Auctions & Advertising

Ioffer Auctions

LFH News

LFHLimited.com News

Playandsearch News

Playandsearch.net News

Lowe Family Domain Holdings

Lowe Domains

LF Domain & DNS Directory

LR Heavy Metal Holdings 

Robinson Industries

Lowe Real Estate Holdings

Lowe Strategic

Lowe Construction Solutions 



Profitable Capstone Holdings

Make money online & internet financial solutions

Profitable Capstone  Internet Solutions

 D.L Make Money Online

Lowe Internet Solutions


Profitable Profit Holdings & Trust

 Capstone Payments

Payment Solutions


Sweet Treats Group

Candy & confectionery

Delivery Services


Financial advisory for business management.

SocialLifeWorld.com - Online Business Social Community -SOLD- owned by DaveyLowe.com -SOLD-

previous subsidiaries:

DLshoppingmall.com -  Online Shopping Mall  -SOLD

PlayAndSearch.com - Entertainment, News & Lifestyle -SOLD-

New merger:

PlayAndSearch.net - News and information

Shopper's Guide/ Lowes Shopping Guide - Publication: Advertising


Career Opportunity



 Employment & Career

Make Money Online! Internet Solutions